Öyküm aquaculture has been operating in Izmir where is beautiful, modern face of Turkey opening to west, legendary with its sea, nature and all its beauty since 2016.

A giant company that delivers the fish variety, one of the most basic foods of healthy life, to the consumers in the healthiest way with modern facilities with the slogan “Fish for health, Öyküm for fish”.

Öyküm aquaculture, which says “It is possible to produce the best by choosing the best in every step of production”, brings the latest technology to the production line.

Processing and packaging of salmon, bream, sea bass, brown meager and trout grown in facilities identified with nature in many regions of Turkey is carried out and stored meticulously. With the goal of providing the best, all developments in the sector are followed up to the smallest detail and with investments in new technology, the company adds strength to its strength.

As a result of meticulous studies made to make the delicious taste of Turkish fish into the demanded product in all countries of the world, product sales are carried out to many countries of Europe, especially Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Hungary as well as America.

Öyküm aquaculture, which maintains its prestige in both domestic and foreign markets with the principles of honesty, quality, development, long term customer relationship, cleanliness, order and clarity, continues to walk to the summit with firm steps in the sector.



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Protecting its reputation through the principles of honesty, quality, improvement, prospective long-term customer relations, cleanliness, order and clarity in both domestic and foreign markets, Öyküm Sea Food keeps taking firm steps to the top.
Öyküm Su Ürünleri (Öyküm Sea Products) is a sea products company that was founded in 2016 in İzmir.
Since 2016, the company has been working closely with its partners in Turkey and is based on the principle of building a dynamic business by exporting its distributors worldwide.
  • Fish feed production factory with a capacity of 100.000 tons / year,
  • Fish production plants with a capacity of 15.000 tons / year,
  • It has a modern fish processing / packaging factory, which can react flexibly to any order. With its supply, production and sales power provided by this structure, it has no difficulty in supplying fish 12 months a year and sells frozen and fresh fish products at competitive prices.

The owners of the company have been managers in the aquaculture industry for many years and have 30 years of experience in production and sales. Over the last thirty years in this industry we have learned a great deal to maintain our uncompromising commitment to service. We continually evaluate our business practices and look for innovative ways to further improve our operational efficiency and product offerings. We understand the importance of hiring and developing the most qualified people at the forefront of knowledge and industry expertise.


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