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Consume more fish during pandemic. With the emergence of Covid-19, one of the issues upon which specialists dwell most is body resistance. Plenty of protein is required to be taken so that body resistance will be high and immune system strong. Thus, it reduces the possibility of catching Covid-19 and you may have a chance to recover it more easily when you catch it. And one ıf the most outstanding ways of enhancing body resistance is to consume fish. Specialists say, “It is necessary to increase fish consumption during the pandemic process. In order to do this, it is required to take plenty of protein and consume food with vitamins and minerals. When you eat fish, you already take vitamins and minerals from onions, salads, etc.”

Fish Is the Food Which Is Most Easily Digested

Stating that fish is the food which is most easily digested, specialists say, “It is easy to digest fish as they do not have any connective tissue. One should eat fish at least twice a week. Growing children and youth should particularly eat fish. Fish reduces the risk of heart attack. And as it is easily digested, food taken together with fish keeps one filled. Eating fish does not do any harm as it is easy to digest. Of course, on condition that one should pay attention that it is fresh.”
Wishing to reach healthier days all together, “fish for good health and Öyküm for fish”

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