Modern and Hygienic Facilities

We, Öyküm Sea Food, hit the road to have the whole world like eating fish. Of course, knowing how challenging and exhausting that road is and that the whole system from carefully growing and breeding each fish and from feed to facilities where they are grown and cut must be natural.
We knew that how we would start that challenging road, it would go on as it were. We founded this gigantic company in Izmir, which is Turkey’s window opening up to the West. Our partners constructed the cages in the sea where fish would grow at the highest quality and in a natural manner. And we erected our cutting facilities in the highest quality and hygienic environments. And we formed our specialised team that will conduct these systems which we carefully installed.
Because we know this fact very well: “Even the best facilities are as strong as the people behind them.”
And now, at this point we have reached on this challenging road, we deliver these wonderful fish to a great many countries in Europe and in the world. Because we are happy to be a guest at the tables of all lovers of fish. We, Öyküm Sea Food, wear our fingers to the bone in order to be your global partner in a developing and changing world.

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