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Barış Kemal Yücel, who is one of the founders of our company, is a Aquaculture Engineer and has been working in his capacity as a manager at the largest fish and feed factories of Turkey since 1998 and acquired an advanced level of knowledge about aquaculture. He became a partner of Muhammet Ofluoğlu, a leading personality with his 15 years of quality awareness and experience in the industry, in 2016 and they founded Öyküm Sea Food, bringing together the knowledge and experience in the industry.
It is our goal to provide our customer with trust, quality and reliability with our experience and knowledge in the fresh and frozen sea food industry.


Barış Kemal YÜCEL


One of the founders of our company, Muhammet Ofluoğlu was born in Trabzon on 2nd April 1969. He settled in Bodrum in 1990, dipping his toe into the sea food industry. After a working period of 5 years at Bodrum, he settled in İzmir in 1995. He kept office as an executive in several branches of the sea food industry such as feed, fingerlings, production, exports, etc.
In 2016, he founded Öyküm Aquaculture together with Barış Kemal Yücel, who is a leading personality of the industry.
He is now acting as one of the founding partners of the company.



Our Story

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